Quantum Eye Long Life carbon Monoxide Detector

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The Quantum Eye® is a multi-level Carbon Monoxide Detector. It provides a visual indication of carbon monoxide contamination. Each detector is packaged in a protective bag that when opened activates the product. Operating temperature range is from 41° to 100° F, relative humidity (RH) range from 25 to 90% RH. For airplane and campground use

Shelf Life:
      Once activated (after opening factory sealed poly sleeve package) the maximum product lifetime is 18 months

    Prior to opening factory sealed poly sleeve package, when stored properly product may have approximate shelf-life of 3yrs.
  • Proprietary Carbon Monoxide Sensor
  • Minimum 18-month product life
  • Operates at a broad range of temp and humidity
  • CO specific – No false readings
  • Multi-Level Detection
  • Normal = Yellow
  • Caution = Green
  • Danger = Dark Blue
  • Biomimetic Technology
  • Responds to CO in manner similar to the human body
  • Rapid sensor regeneration
  • Unique Packaging
  • Customer assembly not required
  • One-step activation
  • Sensor is protected against accidental contamination