Model 300 Pocket Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Pocket CO Model 300 is the world’s smallest and most affordable Carbon Monoxide detector, alarm and dosimeter. About the size of a key fob and weighing less than 1 oz., this wearable instrument is a highly sensitive, reliable and popular instrument. Range: 0 – 500ppm; first alarm at 50ppm, second at 125ppm, third at 400ppm. Also has an 8-hour TWA warning alarm at 25ppm. The instrument self-checks upon start and features a 1 year instrument warranty & replaceable battery.


  • Save your life, and/or the lives of those around you
  • Low Cost+High Performance=Best Value
  • Save money on building/home/appliance inspections
  • Ease of use
  • Alarms when dangerous levels of CO detected
  • Easy-to-read display shows low CO levels in
  • 1 ppm increments, up to 500ppm
  • Loud alarm, backlight display, vibrator, and bright red light
  • Simple, one button operation
  • Portable protection for recreation, job, or travel
  • Very light, fits on a keychain
  • Reports average exposure, total exposure, maximum exposure, and time of maximum
  • 1 year instrument warranty & replaceable battery