Aero Wash Wax Mop Kit

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Wash Wax Mop Kit: ALL you need to get started with the New Waterless Wash Wax Mop.


The Wash Wax Mop was specifically designed for aircraft and is the only mop with two sides. One wet and one dry. Now you can waterless wash and wax with the reach and leverage of an extension pole. This allows you to clean a much larger area faster and with less effort, all from the safety of the ground. No ladder needed. Customers report time savings up to 50% over waterless hand application. Simply spray Wash Wax ALL on the Wet Side of the mop, wipe the aircraft with the wet side, flip the mop over, and wipe dry with the dry side.

(1) Mop head with two
(2) Microfiber Mop pads
(1) Deluxe Mop Pole
(1) Pack of four (4) Microfiber Mop pads
(1) Pack of four (4) Aero Towels
(1) Gallon of Wash Wax ALL
(1) 16oz spray bottle
(1) 16oz Wash Wax ALL (Degreaser)
(1) Aero Scrubber Pad with Handle and an Aero Bag to store and carry the kit