7639-27 Gill Battery

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This battery will deliver more power and significantly better shelf life than traditional VRLA batteries. Developed in-house by the engineering team at Gill Battery, a subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies, Inc. and thoroughly tested by an independent test and measurement firm, the 7639-27 employs an optimal Lead alloy to enable the best possible performance in this chemistry. The 7639-27 is also FAA and PMA certified. The benefit to aircraft owners and maintenance facilities is a new sealed, VRLA battery that provides exceptional power and previously unheard of shelf life as well as excellent durability and reliability. Weight: 60 lbs.


  • Model Number : 7639-27
  • Part Number : 22103
  • Type: Sealed
  • Volts : 24
  • Weight 60 lbs
  • Electrolyte: Not Needed
  • Capacity: 1 Hr (C1) 27
  • lpp: 30 Min (2C) 42
  • lpr: 60 sec/0 deg F (CCA) 400
  • Description: Aircraft Battery
  • TSO Authorized: No
  • FAA-PMA: Yes